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Lindsey Business Group offers a broad spectrum of employee benefit related products and services:

Group Medical Coverage
HSA – Health Savings Accounts
Fully Insured and Self-Insured Plan Designs
Group Dental Insurance
Group Vision Insurance
Group Life / AD&D
Group Short-Term (STD)
Group Long-Term (LTD) Insurance
Voluntary Employee Benefits
Travel Insurance
Group/Individual International Coverage
Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
Section 125 / Cafeteria Plans
  • Premium Only Plans (POP)
  • Flexible Spending Accounts - unreimbursed medical
  • Child and Adult Dependent Care
  • Sec. 132 Transportation Plans
Employee Benefit Statements
Development of Employee Benefit Guides
COBRA and HIPPA Compliance
ACA Reporting
Wellness Programs

Employee Benefits Planning & Administration

Lindsey Solutions will introduce effective strategies to control your healthcare costs, achieve appropriate communications between all parties, and provide the highest level of customer service. Lindsey Solutions will also offer additional administrative services, including COBRA Administration and Total Compensation Statements. Lindsey Solutions will work towards identifying and remedying areas of potential compliance exposure, to prevent unnecessary fines and legal troubles. We will provide the necessary materials to communicate and distribute to your employees, who will in turn, understand and appreciate the benefits you provide.

Strategic Benefits Planning

Competitive employee benefits packages are essential for attracting and retaining quality employees. The rising cost of health care is driving up premiums and putting these benefits at risk as budgets get squeezed. Cutting benefits may seem like a necessary reality for some companies, but doing so can have serious long-term consequences. 
Retaining employees throughout these rocky economic times is vital. Experts are predicting substantial exodus of employees to other companies based on their perceptions of their current employer. How you treat your employees now can significantly impact how your company remains competitive once the economy rebounds. By conducting a Strategic Benefits Plan, Lindsey Solutions can help you find ways to contain or even cut costs while still offering competitive benefits.

Employee Benefits Review

We will conduct a thorough review of all benefits and determine how they fit into your corporate goals and objectives. In addition, Lindsey Solutions will review of each type employee benefit to confirm its competitiveness in the marketplace. We will create in-depth comparison charts of alternate Carrier options for decision analysis.

Benefits Planning Process

After many years of providing employee benefit programs for numerous clients; Lindsey Solutions has developed a process to target your needs and those of your employees. Our experienced professionals leverage this process to gain a thorough understanding of your business and identify your distinctive requirements. The result is that we can provide you with the most innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Needs Assessments
(Timeframe: 3 to 4 months prior to renewal date)

  • Review corporate goals and financial objectives related to benefits
  • Gather all information and data, including employee demographics, claim history, etc.
  • Identify benefit design requirements and administrative needs
  • Jointly develop short and long term goals
  • Set forth dates and times for managing the upcoming renewal

(Timeframe: 60-90 days prior to renewal date)

  • Prepare & review industry specific benchmark, if available for ABSOLUTE BUILDERS industry type
  • Review prior plan’s financial performance
  • Review renewal benefits and plan design
  • Send RFPs to alternative insurance carriers
  • Identify plan design alternatives
  • Identify alternative funding options, HRA / HSA, and self-insurance

Prepare Custom Plan Design
(Timeframe: 45-60 days prior to renewal date)

  • Analyze plans received from insurance carriers
  • Present marketing results, evaluations of alternative plan designs, financial analysis and funding solutions
  • Present industry comparisons
  • Select plans
  • Negotiate offers with insurance carriers

Plan Implementation
(Timeframe: 20-45 days prior to renewal date)

  • Review administrative materials and procedures
  • Review the accuracy of employee booklets, plan document, master contract and initial premium statement
  • Prepare and/or review employee written communications
  • Prepare employee benefits summaries
  • Conduct employee communication meetings

Employee Benefit Support Services

As a valued employee benefits customer our clients will receive the highest level of customer service and support. We feel strongly about giving back to our clients through exceptional customer support, expert planning, and tools to help with administration.

Here is a sampling of our employee benefits related services:

  • Assist employees with understanding their benefits
  • COBRA Administration
  • Federal Compliance Assistance
    • ERISA
    • HIPAA
    • Health Care Reform
  • Creation of employee communication materials
    • Open Enrollment
    • Year-round handouts
  • Online Enrollment & Consolidated Billing Support
    • Includes private healthcare marketplace
    • Financial modeling of employee benefit program
    • Decision tools for employees
    • Reporting functions

Online benefit administration services provide a more manageable, simplified, and flexible employee benefit enrollment process.

  • Customized Rules-Based Enrollment Platform
  • Carrier Systems Integration
  • Payroll System Integration
  • Employee Paperless Self-Service Web Access
    • Enrolling employee benefits including medical, dental, life, vision, prescription drug, disability, retirement, FSA, HSA, and more
    • Includes voluntary benefits individually selected by employees, such as disability income, long-term care, pre-paid legal, etc.
  • HR Management & Reporting Website Access
  • Employee email communications directly through the system
  • Automates all enrollment processes such as Benefit Credits, Guaranteed Issue, Evidence of Insurability, and Beneficiary Management
  • Eliminates costly printing of ERISA and other documents such as Summary Plan Descriptions, Employee Handbooks, claim forms, and benefit booklets, etc.
  • Allows existing employees to enroll in their benefits during open enrollment or to create qualifying events after open enrollment and new employees to sign-up during their new-hire enrollment period
  • Determines employee eligibility and calculates benefits & costs based on your specific benefit rules

Show your employees the real value of working for your company...

Do your employees realize what you spend on benefits? With the skyrocketing expenses associated with medical plans, now is the best time to educate your employees on the value of the total compensation package you provide.

Total Compensation Statements are a cost efficient way to build employee awareness of the content and worth of their benefits. Studies show that employees want and expect to be regularly informed about the value of their benefits.

Total Compensation Statements do more to heighten employee awareness and appreciation of the cost benefits being offered than any other single method of communication. Negative publicity and employee complaints about benefit costs are not unusual. Often, however, they stem from a lack of understanding about the total costs to the employer for the entire employment relationship. Well-designed and clearly written, total compensation statements help to put the entire employer cost in perspective for an employee. They provide each employee with his or her own set of facts and figures concerning retirement, health care, disability, survivor and other benefits.

Lindsey Business Group's Total Compensation Statements describe each benefit cost in simple, easy-to-understand language; report the cost of each benefit; report the cost of providing the total benefit package; and provide management with summary information regarding the value and cost of each benefit. We also make available a benefits information website, where employees can review detailed benefit highlights, forms, documents, vendor links and important contact information.

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