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Lindsey Solutions helps your organization deliver a better work life by providing payroll, HR, time tracking, and benefits, unified in one solution for a better user experience.

Employees want tools that help them stay connected, share ideas, seek help, and collaborate. Employers want to improve productivity, find, retain, and develop top talent, and reward innovation and success. Lindsey Solutions makes it easier to deliver on all of these needs and wants, energizing your company culture.

Human Capital Management

Our prime role is to assist you by clarifying needs, developing action plans, and facilitating change to enhance your success.

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Payroll & Administration

As your partner, we take our role as seriously as we would if you were hiring us as a new employee.

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Employee Benefits

Lindsey Business Group offers a broad spectrum of employee benefit related products and services.

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Property & Casualty

We successfully work with the highest-rated insurance carriers to match the evolving needs of our clients, and to obtain the broadest coverage at competitive rates.

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Financial Services

If your company is ready to commit to a process of growth and improvement, your next step is to find a partner who is more than just a business services provider.

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DOL Metrics

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Dept. of Labor Cases closed in 2017

$1.2 Billion

Back Wages Awarded by WHD in the last five years


Average award per employee