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"I would like to thank Lindsey Business Group for their support of our efforts to efficiently manage our employees and stay compliant. Your flexible approach to Human Resource consulting has helped our team better manage and understand our compliance requirements and efficiently manage our employees."
J.C. GT Contracting, Management


"The team at Lindsey Business Group have been a great asset to our company in helping us to better manage our benefits and stay compliant with the various state and federal regulations. They are professional, genuine, and always making sure to take care of our needs and those of our emplolyees. They have the tools, resources and a better understanding of how to deal with the many issues we all face day to day."
C. Gorham, Direct Services, Inc., H.R. Director

Human Resources Best Practices

"Thank you for your continued support and dedicated work which you continually provide to our firm. Our new Employee Manual which Lindsey Business Group produced is most valuable in assisting us with our human resources issues. Your consultations regarding various personnel issues are always provided in a most professional and expeditious manner. It is a comforting feeling to know that Lindsey Business group will always be there for us."
Diane, Manassas Honda, Owner


"We appreciate you being there when we needed it most. You have been a real asset to our organization."
Janet K., Floors USA, HR Director

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DOL Metrics

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Dept. of Labor Cases closed in 2017

$1.2 Billion

Back Wages Awarded by WHD in the last five years


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